BRRO Monday Packet Net

UPDATE: The BRRO Monday Packet Net has ceased operation. Thanks to all who participated.

We are beginning a new net on Monday’s to facilitate more packet traffic in the region, give amateurs the ability to test their gear, and to identify opportunities for over-the-air links throughout the region or to other regions.

This isn’t a conventional net where all participants meet simultaneously. Instead, the concept is that amateurs send a message anytime between 0600 and 2100 on Monday. All messages will be acknowledged and you will receive a response on Tuesday.

There are two contact address – you can choose to send to either one or to both – it is up to you: Packet BBS: AB8M@AB8M.#CLE.OH.USA.NOAM


Stations are encouraged to contact over the air via a Packet BBS of their choosing. Our hope is that we will learn of other packet stations in Ohio that we can relay with.

Stations should send in the Subject: Monday BRRO Packet Net. In the body of the message please include name, location, and your entry node into the packet network.

If you do not receive a response to a message by 9pm on Tuesday or receive a bounce message, please send an email to with the details.

A list of some known Cleveland area packet nodes and digi’s are listed on:

Hope to READ you in the log on Monday’s.

73 de AB8M