June VHF Contest in the Books

Hope everyone had a good time with the June VHF contest this weekend. What started as a part time “we should put a little bit of time into it this weekend,” turned into an impromptu rivalry between myself and KM8V. Well, ok, after about hour 4 Jon jumped ahead and I spent the rest of the weekend trying to play catchup.

AB8M Grids Worked

AB8M Claimed Score: 20,160 (202 Qs, 96 Mults)
6: 155 QSOs 85mults
2: 39 QSOs 9 mults
432: 8 QSOs 2 mults

KM8V Grids Worked

KM8V Claimed Score: 36,279 (255 Qs, 139 Mults)
6: 205 QSOs 118 mults
2: 44 QSOs 19 mults
432: 6 QSOs 2 mults

Not sure where Jon picked up the extra 10 mult’s on 2m – however I was cross polarized on 2m SSB the entire weekend with only having the vertical up. All said though, KM8V and I have very comparable stations – it was a very “apples to apples” comparison.

Reminder that the Monday Packet Practice is 6/15 – catch you there.

For Black River Radio Ops, 73